Our vineyard

Our most precious treasure

We like to say that is our most precious treasure. Care and control of the vineyard and selection of grapes from the main enclaves of our region is the basis and quality that mark the character of our wines.

Bodegas Mitarte

Our 40 hectares of vineyard are on average 40 or more years old.
In total, 15 hectares are more than 80 years old.

Bodegas MitarteBodegas Mitarte
Bodegas MitarteBodegas Mitarte


While the vineyard is sleeping, when the vine leaves fall, with the while the first days of winter and before the new buds come out, when the plant is in the vegetative state and the circulation of the sabia is minimal.


Winter ends giving way to spring and with it the first buds, we start with the growth. It´s time of thespergura and desnieve.


This is the time of the vegetation when the grape bunches change color, at this time the stemming and the green harvest is the elimination of the bunches that due to excess of quantity will not give the desired quality to the whole bunch.
Traditional harvest: We take care and pamper the fruit so we harvest in small bunches so as not to hit the grapes and not to lose the optimum qualities of each bunch.


When our vines bear their fruit the leaves change color to decorate the fields of green, yellow, red.

Our most important vineyards

The art of making wine


This vineyard is 57 years old and is planted with Viura. Our finca wine Mitarte Entrepeñas is made from this vineyard.

La Secreta, Espirbel and Cubanegra

Unique Tempranillo vineyards which are ear marked for our vino de pago La Secreta.


Is a 100 year old vineyard which is planted with 12 different varieties. We are making a very special wine from this vineyard …

Llanos de Artajona and Atxalde

Are both vineyards that are 100 years old that produce the best grapes for our SyC de Mitarte.

Las Fuentecillas

Garnacha (Grenache) is planted in this vineyard. It makes our famed Vino de finca Tatos Garnacha.


This is the vineyard that our Grandfather loved the most … “The best vineyard that I know”. This vineyard is planted with Tempranillo that our fantastic vino de finca Faula is made from.

Santa Águeda

This is a very special, 100 year old vineyard planted with Mazuelo that our vino de finca Mitarte Mazuelo is made from.

List of vineyard

by grape variety

  • Garnacha: 3 hectares.
  • Graciano: 2 hectares.
  • Malvasía: 0’5 hectares.
  • Mazuelo: 1’5 hectares.
  • Tempranillo: 28’5 hectares.
  • Viura: 3 hectares.
  • 1’5 hectares other experimental varieties.
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